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My Mission as a Freelancer

In a world where company audits and inspections often suffer from formality and superficiality due to time constraints and work overload, I offer a different approach. My goal is to conduct a real audit with a deep dive into your company’s system. My task is not just to perform a formal check but to identify weaknesses and chronic defects that could undermine your organization’s efficiency.

Why Me?

My experience both at sea and in the office gives me a unique advantage in understanding the complexities of the maritime industry. I see what typically remains hidden from internal and external auditors – the distortion of results, the non-recognition of problems that can and should be solved. My independence as a freelancer allows me to speak openly and honestly, providing top management with a real picture of their system’s state.

How I Can Help Your Business

Having me conduct an independent audit of your company can be a key step towards improvement. I will not only identify existing problems but also propose solutions, thereby strengthening your business. This process will not only enhance the efficiency and safety of your operations but also contribute to my professional growth, allowing me to understand the nuances of the maritime industry even more deeply.


  • Well readable and clear for understanding reports
  • High quality photo and video footage.

Contact Me

If you are interested in conducting a thorough and meaningful audit of your maritime company, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am ready to contribute to your business’s development, ensuring its resilience and efficiency for many years to come. You are also welcome to visit my linked in profile.