Corona has gone, but seafarers still locked on board.

Corona has gone, but seafarers still locked on board.

20.01.2023 0 By Capt. Tymur

Already 2 years passed since covid disaster came to our life. Pandemic had affected life of each of 8 billion people. It seems that people have passed most difficult time of pandemic and each of us, one way or another, has immunity.

  It is very logical thing – try to come back to normal life as soon as possible, and we can se that people really do it.

  Despite of positive changes in this respect – seafarers remain locked on board of their ships and in a fact, there is no care for mental health of these people in global scale. 

  Even before pandemic, shore leave was not an easy thing for crews of cargo ships. Sometimes due to fatigue, when you are staying on board because you are choosing to sleep, rather visit city, sometimes because of expensiveness of transportation, however, but all in all, it was somehow possible.

  Since beginning of covid, seafarers are locked on board of ships and, despite of pandemic problem are solved – they are still locked.

  There is International Maritime Organization. It is existing to regulate all aspect of international cooperation in respect of world wide shipping industry. But unfortunately, seafarers nowadays don’t count on it as an organisation which can somehow protect mental health of mass employees on board.