First week on board.

25.09.2020 2 By Capt. Tymur

Good evening my dear audience.
Unfortunately I cannot post my records in Russian language. Only English. This happens due to issues with test coding. During my stay on board I will post only English. _

As I mentioned in my last video, I have taken decision to go to the sea again. I can hardly say that this is my return to seagoing life. I believe that if there would not be any pandemic issues, I could steel have worked in the office. There are many reasons I am here, and one of them inability to travel. I have stayed at Cyprus for 9 months. I cannot remember that I would stay any location without moving that much. _

Cyprus is nice place, but you shell leave it time to time, otherwise it becomes boring. You are not enjoying that beautiful views and calm, safe environment if you cannot collect impressions from overseas. So I have decided to do at least something, to go to ship. Thanks god my license is still valid. _

I have left Cyprus last weekend and now I am already 6 days on board. It is not an easy thing, getting use for shore life after almost 3 years of shore life. Biggest problem is absence of impressions. Nice time to see series and movies you did not have time to see. Hope that in a week or something I will get use for life on board. _

I have a nice videos to upload, but I cannot do it. Many shipping company still have not installed internet on board. But in any case, I know that only 5-10% of shipping companies have internet where you can upload videos. Others allow in best case to use messengers. _

Installation of internet on board is tricky thing, more you pay for equipment, better tariff you get. In order to get more or less cheap connection while you are in sea, company should pay 50000-70000 USD. Some providers propose internet equipment at very low cost, but charges are unacceptably huge. This is unfair. United nations and international maritime organization could somehow help to equip ships with cheap internet. And not by forcing ship owners to spend money, but by subsiding projects. World society has so huge expenses for stupid projects which are obviously useless. They could have helped us instead. _

Anyway, for the moment we have what we have and should be glad about it. _ My special regards for all of you, thank you for staying subscribed to my channels. I promise you a nice videos as soon as I will be able to upload it. _

Also special regards for my dear colleagues from the office reading it. I am posting articles in my blog by means of email. This is only way to stay connected with people in absence of internet. _

Best Regards, Capt. Tymur, Indian Ocean 25.09.2020